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Sabado Rug Collection ~ Inspired by Maui-Artist Philip Sabado 

Allow us to introduce you to carpets created with the spirit of Island Excellence ambiance and design. Inspired by the paintings of Mauis Artist Philip Sabado these carpets will create your island home, here in the islands or elsewhere.

Sabado Explains: In my youth on the island of Molokai one of my favorite plants that were the amazing ti plant. I admired the many colors. At different times of day, the Hawaiian sun-light would make the leaves glow with translucent colors.

As an artist, I was constantly exploring new ways to capture these colors. 

After living in the islands for the past forty-five years I have always sought an "island environment" in my home as well as in the hotels and the workplace. I could never find a carpet that was truly Hawaiian in spirit and design.

 Interior decorators will tell you; designing starts from the "floor up.”  

The Hawaiian Islands vibrate with color and texture, how natural is it that we begin this design with carpets that create that Hawaiian Environment. Imagine this element for our homes. Have that WOW factor as you walk in! These designs under a glass coffee table, or perhaps that koa dining room table are perfect! The artist Philip Sabado is a local boy, born in the islands, raised on the island of Molokai and has painted island art for the past fifty years. Currently, he has art-work in The Ritz Carlton, Hilton and Disney hotels locally, Well known to private and international collectors. He was named as one of the top "50" artist/designers in the United States, and was honored as Mauis Artist of the Year. The pile  (thick) is one inch and is called "regency" because it is just that, luxurious and sculpted around the floral and ti designs. Imagine a  room just "pops!" with that "WOW" factor as you enter a room! Contact Information: Sabado Studios: 1980 Main Street #1 Wailuku, Maui  96793 ~

sabadostudioart@gmail.com     sabadostudios.net  808-242-6762